• How natural gas is used as vehicle fuel

    Natural gas is needed not only for cooking, heating and power generation. It is also possible to fill cars with it. Natural gas as a vehicle fuel is much cheaper and environmentally cleaner than petroleum products.

    Is it possible to save money on vehicle fuel?How clean is natural gas as fuel?When was gas-powered vehicle invented?What gas is used for fuelling cars?Do big carmakers produce methane-powered vehicles?
  • How is gas delivered to consumers

    Availability of gas trunklines is barely enough for gas to be delivered to ultimate consumers. In order for you to watch a blue flame dancing on the stove burner, gas should flow from a gas trunkline to a gas distribution pipeline, and afterwards run through a household piping.

    What is household gas equipment?Why may gas supplies be terminated?How often is gas equipment checked?
  • How are gas deposits classified

    Natural resources, which have enabled rapid development of modern civilization, were formed in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era. The process started between 145 and 146 million years ago and ended 65 million years ago. At the global scale, it is a very short period of time, because according to current scientific data, the Earth is between 4.5 and 4.6 billion years old.

    What is lithology?What deposits are most difficult to extract gas from?How are dinosaurs and gas connected?
  • What is associated petroleum gas

    Associated petroleum gas (APG) is gas dissolved in oil. Associated petroleum gas is produced in the process of oil production, so it is actually a derivative. But APG itself is also a valuable raw material for further processing.

    What is associated petroleum gas composed of?How can associated petroleum gas be utilized?What is albedo?
  • Producing helium from natural gas

    Helium is an inert gas; it is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Thanks to its unique properties, this substance is widely used in various areas of science and technology.

  • What are liquefied petroleum gases

    Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) are produced from associated petroleum gas. These are pure gases or special mixtures that can be used to heat buildings, to produce petrochemicals and as a motor fuel.

  • How to produce gas in a safe way

    The condition of gas pipelines is continuously monitored. High-technology “pigs” crawling through pipelines in hard-to-reach areas help people do it.

    How can gas pipelines be tested for reliability?How often do accidents at gas pipelines happen?How long do gas pipelines serve?
  • What is natural gas

    Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons, a subject of a religious cult and academic disputes, as well as an essential resource. It is invisible and odorless. The amount of natural gas in Russia is more than wherever in the world.

    What is the origin of gas on the Earth?How does gas really smell?
  • How are hydrocarbon reserves estimated

    There is no universally adopted system according to which hydrocarbon reserves could be classified, but there are some common standards. Russia has recently brought its system closer to them.

    How can unextracted resources be estimated?Why are estimates of gas reserves often different?How much gas does Gazprom hold?
  • How is gas stored and what are UGS facilities

    Any product has to be stored. Gas is not an exception. The underground gas storage industry is almost 100 years old.

    How are UGS facilities built?How can gas get into a UGS facility?How much gas can a UGS facility receive?
  • What are the features of offshore production

    Natural gas fields occur not only on land. There are also offshore deposits: oil and gas are occasionally encountered in the subsurface covered with water.

    How is gas extracted under water?How is extracted gas collected from under water?
  • How is natural gas transported

    After gas has been extracted from the land or sea subsurface, it needs to be delivered to consumers. The length of gas pipelines and gas distribution networks multiply exceeds the circumference of the Earth.

    How does gas flow to apartments?Who monitors gas pipelines?What is to be done with gas before pumping it into the pipe?
  • What is gas condensate

    Gas condensate can be used to make both fuel and plastic.
    The main thing is to stabilize it by removing unnecessary admixtures.

    Why is gas condensate valuable?How is gas condensate formed?
  • How are hydrocarbon fields discovered

    Prospecting new fields is the job of geologists and geoscientists. They have technical and chemical means which help identify accumulations of hydrocarbons fairly precisely. However, the only way to know for sure is to drill a well.

    How much gas is there under the surface?What types of rocks usually contain gas?How are areas identified for gas exploration?What methods are used to find gas deposits?
  • What is compressed (pressurized) natural gas

    Gas is compressed in order to reduce its volume. But CNG as fuel is much more eco-friendly than oil. And it is supposed to gradually replace oil in Russia.

    What is the difference between CNG and LNG?What is the meaning of "compressed"?Why is CNG better than oil?
  • How is natural gas produced

    Natural gas rises up the well using natural energy. It is produced in America, Europe, Africa, and other regions. One-fifth of the global production falls on Gazprom.

    How much gas is produced worldwide?How deep under the surface is gas usually deposited?How does gas look like under the surface?
  • How to produce gas from coal beds

    Methane should be extracted from mines to prevent explosions. The United States was the first country that decided to turn it into a commercial enterprise. Ten per cent of gas is produced there using this technique. Production from coal beds is promising in Russia as well.

    How does gas turn out to be inside coal?Does methane cause explosions in mines?How efficient is coalbed gas production?
  • What is liquefied natural gas

    The same vessel can contain 600 times more liquefied natural gas than conventional one. First LNG plant has been already constructed and solemnly commissioned in Russia in 2009.

    Why is natural gas liquefied?What is the difference between LNG and regular natural gas?Does LNG also flow through pipes?
  • How are subsea gas pipelines built

    Sea can go several kilometers deep. Laying a pipe at the bottom is a challenge. However, 6,000 kilometers of pipelines are laid at the bottom of the North Sea, some of which have been there for 40 years already.

    How are pipes laid on the sea bottom?How can depth variations affect the pipe laying process?
  • What can be manufactured from natural gas

    Natural gas burns very well. Therefore, it is mostly used for generating electric or thermal energy. However, it can also be used to make fertilizers, fuel, paint, and many other items.

    Does gas become harmful during combustion?Can only energy be produced from gas?What is GTL?
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