Air cooler is designated for refrigeration and condensation of process gas and condensate flows. It operates in an open air process site in moderate and cold climate regions. The process flow temperature is −40 to 300°С at pressures up to 7.5 MPa. Heat-exchange pipes are made 1.5 to 8 meters long with fins in the form of rolled mono or bimetal belt and laid out in sections. The finning rate (the ratio of the total fins surface to the outer pipe surface at the base of fins) is 9 or 14.6. The electric motors capacity is 3 to 100 kW which provides the air flow rate of 5 to 15 meters per second at sections bottlenecks. The number of pipes cross passes through cross-section is 1 to 8.

Main advantages of the gas air cooler are:

  • full independency from water supply sources;
  • relatively low specific metal content;
  • low capital and operating expenses.