Offshore fields exploration is a set of geological operations on oil and gas resources surveying, their geological and economic appraisal and preparations for commercial development of offshore oil and gas resources. The resources are represented by fluid (oil and gas) fields in the deep layers of continental and oceanic earth’s crust. According to their location, these fields are subdivided into coastal area fields and offshore fields – nearshore and remote ones. The fields, which have their prospective resources stretch from land to subsea, are explored in coastal areas. The exploration is mostly performed by drilling pads of sea-oriented inclined holes. Exploration holes are drilled from the shore, from rock dams and artificial islands. The exploration of offshore fields is performed by drilling pads of deviating holes from piled foundations (with water depths of up to 120 meters), from offshore platforms station kept by mooring systems (with water depths of 150 to 200 meters) or from floating drilling rigs (with water depths of up to several kilometers).